Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : HD2 V5

Product Overview

T-Systems develops a VDAFS processor for CATIA V5 within Dassault Systèmes Software Community Program.

The Functionality
The VDA surface interface (VDAFS) is a neutral format for CAD data that supports in a simple way the exchange of 3D geometric data and especially of sculptured surfaces between various CAD systems.
COM/VDAFS for CATIA V5 supports the bi-directional data conversion for points and point sets, 3D curves, sculptured surfaces and trimmed surfaces (FACES).

The Availability
The functionality of COM/VDAFS is completely integrated in the CATIA system and enables an interactive conversion within the CATIA session. Additionally a batch call interface and a high sophisticated JAVA user interface for submission and administration of batch jobs (including batch job submission) outside the interactive CATIA session are available.

Data conversion has a long tradition at debis Systemhaus, today operating as T-Systems. Our customers can rely on our continuing commitment to develop and support state-of-the-art data exchange solutions.

Customer Benefits

  • Improvement of the competitiveness by closed process chains and unique approach within the design processes
  • Improvement of the product quality by continuation of work on model results with CATIA V5 without problems
  • Low system costs by smooth exchange of 3D geometry with CATIA
  • Improvement of the collaboration with partners