by : CENIT

Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Product Overview

FASTJOINT is a completely integrated CATIA V5 solution to fully support the assembly fastening design process. The product assists in handling huge numbers of fasteners of various types in large assembly structures.

The manufacturing design process is automated by intelligent search mechanisms to collect the assembly structure information and to assign the matching fastener to that information. Fasteners are read from any possible library or database, where FASTJOINT retrieves its dimensions and other properties. Quality and consistency checks will ensure that the fasteners will meet the required design standards throughout the design and manufacturing phase of the assembly's life cycle.

 Product Advantages

  • Manage huge amount of joints in large and complicated 3D assemblies
  • Automatic joint analysis (position, direction and thickness) and fastener selection
  • Visualization of fasteners from generic CAD objects like curves, lines, text attributes and others by non existing dedicated fastener objects
  • Tracking product changes and variants in a concurrent engineering environment that requires fasteners adoption
  • Support of fastener specific design characteristics like minimum edge distance, structure, pitch, grip, length detection, etc.
  • Cumbersome fastener structure configuration and selection among a large number of standard parts and variants
  • Machine readable fastener data to avoid human interpretation of fastener data in order to create appropriate processing groups and sequences for assembly operations
  • Import and synchronisation of fastener information from external sources.
  • Support of various different fastener libraries (Oracle, SQL, Excel, HTTP Server, etc.)

Customer Benefits

  • Reducing errors through validation and analysis of fastening engineering
  • Reducing engineering effort and time (shortens time to market)
  • Integration of fastener libraries
  • Supports design and engineering changes
  • Flexibility through plug-ins for import and export of different data formats
  • Process integration to manufacturing planning and programming
  • Customizable engineering environments and libraries
  • Fastening engineering using dedicated workbench
  • Generates consistent CATIA V5 data model
  • Ease of use, intuitive user interface
  • Open architecture, highly customizable