by : CENIT

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, PX1 V5

Product Overview

CDI V5/CAA allows the secure and consistent management of all your CATIA engineering data in mySAP PLM.
CDI combines CATIA data management with all business processes from development to support, including technical, logistic, and financial processes based on their SAP enterprise backbone system.
Integration for CATIA V5 directly links project management with budgeting, cost monitoring, and POC (percentage of completion) accounting, enabling seamless engineering processes and ensuring that key data in the value chain remains available throughout the extended enterprise.

Product features:

  • support of the CATIA core documents like .model, .session, .cgr, CATproduct, CATpart, CATdrawing, CATprocess ?
  • distributed vaulting for CATIA files for large scale multi site implementations
  • role specific, context-driven document access control for internal and external users
  • Drawing management with automatic title block generation
  • 2D/3D viewing file generation; thumbnail generation
  • CATIA product structure mapping to SAP's Bill of Documents and Bill of Material
  • Release and change process control
  • support of CATIA V5 visualization mode in PLM context to increase performance
  • Using SAPs CAD Desktop allows quick access to other SAP applications such as cFolders
  • out-of-the box CAD Integration, easy to install, to manage and to operate

Customer Benefits

  • Current CATIA engineering and development data is early available and company wide accessible for all relevant divisions.
  • Higher re-use rate of central stored CATIA V5 data reduces costs and enhances the product standardization
  • Transparency of actual document status by using SAP PLM control and release process
  • CATIA engineering documents can be linked to other SAP Objects.