V5Harness 2D Suite


Engineering Domain : Equipement & Systems Engineering
Prerequisites : EI2 V5

Product Overview

V5H (integrated in CATIA V5) offers functionality for design engineering, drawing generation and manufacturing documentation including cutting sheets, test programs, working instructions of wiring harnesses. V5H scans the CATIA 3D model, extracts the harness relevant data items, imports electric information (several interfaces are available) and configuration.

  • Creation of digital master model is controlled by design rules which guarantees consistency and rule conformity of data model. Design errors are detected in early stages of design.
  • Usage of the embedded cost analysis allows optimization of harness architecture before detailed documentation is created.
  • V5H configuration tool allows creating any customer specific configuration from that master model in a direct way without manual interactions. This Configuration tool enables handling of geometric and electrical variants. Generation of built-to-order manufacturing documentation and service documentation opens additional saving potential: every physical configuration can be created without additional manual input and action.
  • Embedding engineering knowledge into the process helps to avoid design errors and reduces manual processing time significantly. V5H offers an application to extend this knowledge which helps to remain up-to-date when a new technology has to be introduces which requires new rules and processes.
  • Design changes have to be processed throughout lifecycle of a harness. Importance of reliable change management in the product development process is a known fact. The use of compareCHANGE and activeCHANGE avoids manual processes, which are both time consuming and can compromise quality. Savings up to 80% can be reached.
  • Data consistency in the whole design process and synchronization between the 3D model and drawings derived from the model are retained, which provides a crucial advantage for downstream process steps in manufacturing preparation and the creation of service documents. 

Customer Benefits

  • Continuous data flow from design to manufacturing
  • Embedded design knowledge avoids design errors and reduces manual processing time
  • Reduction of manual steps, reduction of errors, reduction of time for harness creation and change process
  • Simulation of manufacturing process, precise preview of production cost