3DCS Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer (AAO) for V6


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design

Product Overview


The Analyzer creates a matrix of all the tolerances and contributor inputs and measurement outputs for the model. This makes it easy to change tolerances and work with large models where there are many tolerances that need ot be tested, changed and retested throughout the model. As an equation based analysis output, 3DCS AAO identifies the amount and source of variation within an assembly, giving the results of analyses and their relationships (the Coefficients of Influence) within the same matrix. In addition to making it easier to see the inputs, outputs and relationships of your model, 3DCS AAO gives you a ‘test lab’, as the changes in the matrix are not updated in the model until processed by the user. This allows the changing of tolerances and retesting of scenarios before changing the model itself.



This helpful tool creates a baseline for cost and quality, and then gives the user the ability to optimize the design for lower cost, or higher quality. The objective is to loosen tolerances that are non-essential to the quality of the product, thus reducing manufacturing costs, while keeping the overall product quality at a premium. 

Customer Benefits

  • Real time analysis - no waiting for simulation runs.
  • Quickly view and change tolerances in an interactive matrix and¬†instantly¬†view new analysis results from a global perspective. Quickly identify contributors to variation and use sensitivity indices (Coefficients of influence) to quickly identify where the design is sensitive to variation.
  • Optimize tolerances to achieve best quality at a minimum cost. User can allocate the largest possible tolerances (larger tolerance = less cost) while still meeting dimensional objectives.
  • Optimize quality for a given fixed budget. Allocate largest possible tolerance at the least amount of cost to achieve Target Cost.