3DCS Visualization Export for V6


Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling

Product Overview

3DCS Visualization Export for V6 is an easy to use add-on module for 3DCS Variation Analyst for V6 in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Exporting a  .fbx file, an open file format that can be read into a number of different visualization tools, 3DCS Visualization Export for V6 makes it simple to use downstream visualization and ray tracing tools with your CAD models from the 3DEXPERIENCE. Incorporate images into Perceived Quality studies or use them in Spec Studies to determine build objectives and see how variation is going to affect the appearance of your design. Users of 3DEXCITE's Deltagen can go one step farther. Using the 3DCS Plug-in for Deltagen, designers can create a seamless connection between CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE and Deltagen to quickly create 3D presentations and outputs incorporating dimensional variation on life-like images of products.

Get a true understanding of how your product will actually appear when built, instead of only the perfect nominal, and make changes or look at new designs without ordering prototypes or creating clay models. 3DCS Visualization Export for V6 makes it simple to create incredible presentations, and use Perceived Quality studies to communicate quality between Design and Engineering, bringing manufacturing's ability to meet build objectives in line with Design's aesthetic requirements. 

Customer Benefits

- Connect the 3DEXPERIENCE to different downstream visualization tools such as 3DEXCITE's Deltagen. 

- Output .fbx files with the push of a button (Open File Format)

- Develop Perceived Quality studies to communicate design and build objectives

- Get an understanding of how the 'perfect' nominal design will look with manufacturing variation