3DCS Visualization Export (VE) CAAV5


Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

3DCS Visualization Export CAA V5 Based is an Add-on for 3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5 Based
Engineers and Designers can use the push of a button with this easy to use add-on to quickly export their CAD models and variation conditions (tolerances) to RTT Deltagen, a high-end visualization software, and then automatically update the model with Deltagen materials and colors. The modeling in RTT Deltagen is done for you, and can be produced as light weight, easy to share flash presentations. This allows users to show all of your tolerance scenarios as toggleable scenes in a 3D flash presentation. 
As a part of Perceived Quality studies, 3DCS Visualization Export CAA V5 Based is the perfect tool to quickly understand how manufacturing variation affects the appearance of your product by viewing the model in photo realisitic quality incorporating the changes to geometry and tolerance conditions input. This means that instead of always seeing the product in nominal, or perfect condition, the user can now see the product as it could be produced given the manufacturing inputs. This allows the designers to evaluate whether certain conditions or tolerances, even if they do not affect fit and function, will affect the appearance and perceived quality of the product. 
Bring RTT Deltagen's High End Visualization Tools to Your CAD Models 
Get new insight into your design by viewing the visual impact of your tolerances and manufacturing process to more easily make design related changes.  
Add to Existing 3DCS Analyst Software
3DCS RTT Deltagen Export add-on can be added to the 3DCS Variation Analyst Multi-CAD platform, allowing models created in CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Pro/E or any other CAD system to be rendered with ray tracing and high end visualization with the push of a button. 

Customer Benefits

Create Photo-Realistic Imagery
With the ability to automatically convert 3DCS materials to RTT Deltagen materials, users can quickly produce photo-realistic images of their products. With the push of a button, your model exports from 3DCS Multi-CAD into RTT Deltagen for ray tracing and additional visual effects. 
Generate Interactive Perceived Quality Studies (Spec Studies)
Produce interactive flash presentations that let you toggle between views and tolerance specifications to see how your changes or modifications will affect your final design. Share your presentations with anyone as a flash based file that can be viewed on any flash capable device.