Torlay Manufacturing for 3DEXPERIENCE


Engineering Domain : Manufacturing
Prerequisites : CMF V6, NMG V6, NPM V6, PCS V6

Product Overview

Torlay software creates CNC programs to build parts with composite material rolls in TORRESLAYUP machines.

Customer Benefits

• Torlay is fully integrated in 3DEXPERIENCE so the user can work with all the standard analysis and design Catia utilities.

• With Torlay, the user is able to work directly with all the Catia models the design department has created with Ply information in CPD data base (Ply contour, orientation, material, etc). This is done in the Catia environment and it creates all the tapes (with trajectories and cut points) to build the parts.

• Torlay is an user friendly application that allows the user to change several laging parameters as tape orientation, tape order in a ply and optimize the cuts to save material and time when laying.

• Torlay processes the information in the 3DEXPERIENCE document to generate CNC files.