Torfiberdes CAA V5


Engineering Domain : Manufacturing
Prerequisites : CPM V5, HD2 V5

Product Overview

TORFIBERDES software is focused on design/manufacturing department where carbon fiber part manufactures are going to generate CNC programs to manufacture the part in the TORRESFIBERLAYUP machines. With this application the users define Laying Strategies for manufacturing step.

Customer Benefits

  • Torfiberdes is fully integrated in Catia V5 so the user can work with all the standard analysis and design Catia utilities. This application works directly with Catia models so the users don't lose information in translations.
  • With Torfiberdes, the user is able to work directly with all the Catia models the design department has created with Ply information in CPD data base (Ply contour, orientation, material, etc). This is done in the Catia environment.
  • Torfiberdes application uses information from the CPD data base Laying Strategy and completes that information.