Torfiberman CAA V5


Engineering Domain : Manufacturing
Prerequisites : CD3 V5, MP2 V5

Product Overview

TORFIBERMAN software is focused on manufacturing department where carbon fiber part manufactures are going to generate CNC programs to manufacture the part in the TORRESFIBERLAYUP machines.

Customer Benefits

  • TORFIBERMAN is fully integrated in DELMIA V5 so the user can work with all the standard DELMIA manufacturing and CATIA design utilities. This application works directly with CATPart models so the users don't lose information in translations.
  • TORFIBERMAN application reads CPD information generated in the design department and new information added with TORFIBERDES application. This is done in the CATIA or DELMIA environment depending on computer configuration.
  • TORFIBERMAN application generates all the laying process information in the CATProcess document. This is done in the DELMIA environment. It is an user friendly application that allows the user to change several laying parameters as tape order, orientation,...
  • TORFIBERMAN application post processes the information in the CATProcess document to generate CNC files.