SPEOS CAA V5 Based - Digital Vision and Surveillance

by : OPTIS

Engineering Domain : Simulation

Product Overview

DVS is the first software to allow you to model, position, and compare real-world cameras to optimize your digital vision system, directly within CATIA V5. DVS has been developed by OPTIS, world leaders in optical simulation since 1989, in direct response to customer demands. This unique solution will enable designers to maximize the performance of all kinds of vision systems on vehicles, air and spacecraft, UAVs, defense systems, product inspection, assembly lines, surveillance equipment, buildings, bridges, satellites, power stations and other dangerous or hard-to-access environments, package of the SPEOS CAA V5 BASED optical simulation software, the Digital Vision and Surveillance solution allows designers to identify the most suitable camera products, optimize camera position and orientation and quickly evaluate impacts of any design change. This unique software enables users to physically model real cameras with both lens and sensor parameters and then visualize their field of view with pixels grid projected on the 3D environment surrounding the vision system.

Customer Benefits

  • Guaranteed true-to-life simulation results : optimize camera performance taking into account optical behaviour of materials and lighting
  • A powerful demonstration tool for vision systems designers to demonstrate their future products
  • Facilitates communication between style and engineering departments early in the design process, even before the product exists
  • Answers the needs of both non specialists typically in feasibility study and conceptual design phases, and vision system experts during the engineering phase.