CETOL 6 Sigma


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Complete mechanical variation management solution usable across the entire value chain - from design engineers, to manufacturing managers, to risk and warranty managers. The new CETOL 6 Sigma solution offers an integrated modeling and variation analyzer solution and a stand-alone analyzer - ideal for use at all stages of the product value chain. Seamlessly integrated with CATIA V5, CETOL 6 Sigma has been created to aid design engineers in performaing tolerance studies and optimizing tolerance budgets. With the standalone CETOL Analyzer, manufacturing can review tolerance levels for individual parts in a manufacturing assembly and to determine, in real-time, the probablility of successfully manufacturing a product. Both products offer full product tolerance reports that include information about the tolerance of specific parts and their relative overall impact on the final assembly, as well as a final assembly probability rating specific to all components in a given manufacturing cycle. CETOL 6 Sigma allows users to model, analyze and allocate tolerances based on product performance requirements while considering manufacturing process capabilities on any assembly. The result is faster development of higher quality products, at a lower cost.

Customer Benefits

  • Better by developing more functionally rich products
  • Faster by reducing product design through manufacturing transition time
  • Reliable by building higher quality products that last
  • Cheaper by reducing manufacturing and warranty cost