SimDesigner Workbench Edition for CATIA V5


Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : ANR V5, GPS V5, KIN V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

SimDesigner gives design engineers scaleable, easy-to-learn simulation tools within their prefered CATIA environment that increase first pass simulations, empower more what-if scenarios, and identify design flaws earlier. This feature-rich suite of tools includes: Integration with CATIA V5 Multi-discipline simulation workbenches
  • Structures workbench, both linear and nonlinear
  • Motion workbench for rigid or flexible body
  • Thermal workbench
  • Crash workbench
  • Enterprise Gateways to compute resources such as MD Nastran, Marc, and LS-DYNA Data management and collaboration with integration with MSC SimManager

    Customer Benefits

    • Speeds Time-to-Market and Innovation SimDesigner is fully integrated within the CAD process, empowering users to conduct in-process simulation and explore design alternatives earlier - enabling leading-edge innovative designs and rapidly accelerating design cycles
    • Reduces Development Costs Design engineers gain valuable insight into product performance characteristics and can perform additional design comparisons earlier in development cycles. A series of virtual prototypes can be investigated during early stages of the design process, reducing physical test costs
    • Improves Product Quality SimDesigner empowers more real-life, early simulation studies - reducing design flaws, warranty costs, and field failures.
    • Enables Better Collaboration SimDesigner provides model reuse and data interoperability between design and analysis. CAE specialists can focus their time on more complex analyses while design engineers conduct upfront simulation studies to improve designs.