by : ZUKEN

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : CHG V6, PCS V6, PFI V6, UES V6, XEN V6

Product Overview

Zuken PLM Interface for 3DEXPERIENCE provides seamless integration between Dassault's 3DEXPERIENCE and DS-2 series, which is the data management platform for electrical and electronic designs.

This product has an interactive data linkage between the DS-2 and 3DEXPERIENCE for components information, BOM information and documents information including drawings.

DS-2 has a high affinity with the CR-8000 CAD systems that have experienced a long track record in electronics design, and it is a best practice for cost reduction and productivity improvement in electronics design.

With the deployment of ZUKEN PLM Interface to 3DEXPERIENCE, our customers using CR-8000 and DS-2 can take benefit from a powerfully integrated environment that can be utilized throughout product development including mechanical design and electronics design.

Customer Benefits

  • Unified & consistent life-cycle of multi-discipline assets (systems, electronics, electrical, software, mechanical, simulation)

  • Impact traceability from requirements to deliverables & test results

  • Unified change management across disciplines

  • Integrated engineering Intelligence and decision support KPI(project, resources, task, issues, changes…)