Board Interchanger for CATIA V5

by : ZUKEN

Engineering Domain : Equipement & Systems Engineering
Prerequisites : CBD V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

Board Interchanger for CATIA V5 is the workbench which can work on CATIA V5 directly. It allows direct data exchange between CR-5000 Board Designer and CATIA V5. By this direct data exchange, the process of generating 3D PCB(Printed Circuit Board) model from 2D PCB design data is dramaticaly simplified and shortened. By this solution, the electrical engineer can make use of mechnical information in the process of PCB layout design efficiently, and the mechnical engineer can make use of 3D PCB model for more efficient collision checking and some other purposes on CATIA V5.

1. Exporting the information of PCB shape and constraints information from CATIA V5 into CR-5000 Board Designer.
2. Importing 3D PCB Model into CATIA V5 with PCB assembly information directly from CR-5000 Board Designer.
3. 3D PCB Model generated by Board Interchanger is including the assembly information of the PCB and the electrical components on PCB.
4. 3D shape of each electrical component on PCB can be generated automatically by 2D to 3D conversion based on the foot-print information in CR-5000.
5. 3D shape of each electrical component can be replaced to more detailed model which is prepared on CATIA V5.

Customer Benefits

  • The Real Electrical and Mechanical Collaborated Design Process can be realized.
  • Easy of use for a mechanical engineer for handling electrical PCB CAD system data.
  • Handling 3D assembly model of PCB with electrical components.