Cabling Designer Integration Module CAA V5 Based

by : ZUKEN

Engineering Domain : Equipement & Systems Engineering
Prerequisites : EHI V5, ELB V5, EWR V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

Cabling Designer is a logical harness circuit design system that simplifies the transfer of information between the physical and logical world. It accomplishes this using electro-physical objects. Some examples are Wire, Unit Connector, Harness Connector, J/C, J/B, Joint, Splice, Shield, Twist, Bundle. Using these electro-physical objects in an environment allows easy implementation of:

  1. Wire Harness Variant Design,
  2. Hierarchical capabilities allowing entire-system-connections for the wire connections and into the actual units that the wires are connected to, and
  3. Fully Customizable Design Rule Check (DRC) capabilities

All this combined makes Cabling Designer unique in giving you the capability to deliver a producible design that is cost effective in a minimum amount of time.

Cabling Designer Interface Module CAA V5 Based is the "Phase-1" of Cabling Designer Integration with CATIA V5. It gives you the full Cabling Designer environment

  1. Linking all connections and objects between Cabling Designer and CATIA V5 EWR.
  2. Allowing Forward and Backward annotation between Cabling Designer and CATIA V5 EWR via an XML neutral file.
  3. Providing integration of CATIA V5 to other utilities around Cabling Designer, such as Topology Designer, Harness Designer, Simulation & Verification Module, Variant Module.

Customer Benefits

  • System level approach (Logical Connection in Entire System, Finding & Verifying Signal Path in System Level, Hierarchical Data Structure)
  • Integration between electrical system design and mechanical design process, and Integration of Electrical Analysis and Verification with CATIA V5
  • Exchange configuration criteria between Cabling Designer and CATIA V5
  • Intuitive & Ease of use
    Built on proven & well accepted core technology