Dynavista Die Structure Design


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Stamping die structure design requires easy to use and very quick die structure shape creation, effective use of standard parts and design evaluation of die structure functionality point of view. Both high re-usability of existing data required by automotive OEMs and very quick design from scratch required by tool makers should be satisfied. Dynavista PRESS DIE DESIGN satisfies all these requirements and will enable users to complete good quality die structure design with minimum design time. Automation of BOM, die drawing and die structure machining are also realised.

Customer Benefits

  • Variety of evaluation functions
  • Easy to use domain specific shape creation
  • Automatic BOM creation and automatic drawing creation
  • Designer oriented user interface
  • Automatic transformation of design attributes to machining attributes which realises strong association with Dynavista CAM