Dynavista Mold Design


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : HD2 V5

Product Overview

Dynavista MOLD DESIGN drastically eases mold die design by domain specific shape creation functions together with effective use of standard parts and mold bases.
It is applicable both for small & medium scale die and for large scale die such as automotive bumper.
Mold die design requires easy to use and very quick die shape creation, effective use of standard parts and design evaluation of created die from mould die functionality point of view. Dynavista MOLD DESIGN satisfies all these requirements and will enable users to complete good quality mold die design with minimum design time.
Automation of BOM, mold die drawing and machining are also realised.

Customer Benefits

  • Ease of use is pursued by maximum introduction of 2D like operation and functions
  • Flexible size/position change is available
  • Well known standard component parts are freely available
  • Direct linkage to Dynavista 2D&3D CAM modules
  • Integration with CATIA V5 standard Drawing