MECAmaster Assembly for V6


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : CNV V6, MDT V6, MKS V6, PCS V6

Product Overview

MECAmaster Assembly for V6, as MECAmaster Assembly for CATIA V5, is a software dedicated to 3D Tolerance Analysis (and 3D Loads Analysis) helping the designers to work on Product and Process optimization from a geometrical point of view from preliminary phases to advanced design phases :  

  • Is the assembly concept optimal taking account of defined requirements ?
  • Is the assembly process well adapted ?
  • What is the best specification/tolerance to define on my Part ?
  • What will be the consequence on my assembly of a tolerance modification, or a non-conformity ?
  • etc. 

With MECAmaster, integrated into CATIA, you will have the possibility to simulate the impact of Product and Process tolerances, and the impact of Assembly Concept / Assembly sequences on the 3D geometrical requirement thanks to a powerful 3D Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis. 


Customer Benefits

  • simulate and compute quickly and easily, in 3D, static loads on an assembly
  • simulate and compute quickly and easily, in 3D, tolerances stack-up
  • anticipate from preliminary phases the impact of assembly concept / design choices on final geometrical requirements
  • reduce costs with a well optimized tolerance definition keeping a full controlled quality on geometrical requirements
  • experiment directly in MECAmaster the contribution on final geometrical requirements of specified annotations defined on the CATIA model thanks to 3DMASTER integration