SEE Electrical Expert - Harness package - PLM for CATIA

by : IGE+XAO

Engineering Domain : Equipement & Systems Engineering
Prerequisites : EHI V5, ELB V5, ETI V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

In a Windows environment, manages all kinds of diagrams, generates wires and part lists.
In addition, SEE ELECTRICAL EXPERT - HARNESS allows connecting to 3D and PDM tools (Product Data Management) such as ENOVIA and CATIA.

SEE ELECTRICAL EXPERT - HARNESS provides all necessary tools to manage schematic diagrams and wiring diagrams.

"Harness Documentation" is an easy tool to create and route your electrical harness in two dimensions (or in 2D) according to your wiring

To reduce and optimize the "Time to Market", a CAD system has to be integrated and linked with a PDM software.
SEE ELECTRICAL HARNESS data management integration offers review management and data exchange with mechanical CAD packages.

Customer Benefits

Save time and money…
• Dedicated symbol libraries and functionalities.
• Easy-to-use version (Windows environment).
• No need to wait for mechanicals plans in order to
create harness 2D documentation.

Increase quality…
• Real-time controls (pin booking, electrical tags, signals
tracing, etc.).
• Automatic List generation (part list, cable list, etc.).
• Revision management.

• with PDM software and manage document versions.
• with Mechanical CAD and create the 3D harness
according to the electrical diagram.
• with other packages through import/export in various
formats (TIFF, JPG, XLS, XML,…).