Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : CPM V5, HD2 V5

Product Overview

ESI Group's PAM-QUIKFORM for CATIA V5 is a powerful geometric solver, offering up front composites part feasibility. PAM-QUIKFORM is a simulation tool capable of predicting the deformation of the reinforcement of composite parts during manufacturing. PAM-QUIKFORM is based on geometrical methods and can tell, in a matter of seconds, if a selected material can be used to form a part without potential problems, like wrinkling. The flat pattern of the plies of the laminate are computed simultaneously and can be used for nesting and cutting machines. PAM-QUIKFORM features a unique capability on the market that enables the simulation of unidirectional composite deformation during the draping process. The PAM-QUIKFORM algorithms capture the specific deformation mechanisms occurring in unidirectional draping, like intra-ply sliding, or the spreading of the fibers

Customer Benefits

  • The simulations can be directly performed based upon the laminate definition built in CATIA V5 Composites Design, dramatically increasing productivity. All the existing CATIA V5 Composites Design options are available, like flattening and 2D/3D transfer, and they are exportable to digital manufacturing machines like Automatic Laser Pointer or nesting and cutting programs available in CAA V5. Generally speaking, PAM-QUIKFORM customers will benefit from the powerful CATIA V5 3D-PLM collaborative engineering environment.
  • Embedded in CATIA V5 Composites Design PAM-QUIKFORM is part of a complete solution that covers the design and the virtual manufacturing of composite parts