Composites Strategy CAA V5 based

by : CIMPA

Engineering Domain : Manufacturing
Prerequisites : CD3 V5, HD2 V5

Product Overview

PANOGEN for Composite is the derivative of a family of products created 25 years ago in AIRBUS laboratories, for the specific requirements of the aircraft industry. Dedicated to Composite Manufacturing, the product's main feature is to provide a CATIA V5 integrated tool (workbench) for part preparation & programming for contour following machine (cutter, laser cutting). This workbench is included in NC Manufacturing workshop from the CATIA V5 Start Menu.  The integration in CATIA V5 makes it possible to exploit directly the native geometry resulting from the design phase and reduced considerably the preparation and programming work of the elementary part. Moreover this integration allows to extract and exploit automatically mandatory information like material name and ply orientation. The preparation work consists of:

  • Definition of a manufacturing context by the allocation of a machine
  • Selection of the composite entities (ply, cut pieces, tapes) to program
  • Release of the programming (batch process)
  • The programming work consists of:
  • Automatic extraction of composite information (material name, fibre orientation)
  • Automatic detection & verification of the part closed profiles
  • Automatic insertion of texts for marking operations
  • Automatic creation of cutting paths (profile contouring)
  • Automatic creation of marking operations
  •   A complementary product is PANOGEN Composite Manufacturing CAA V5 based: - Production management with possible link to an ERP system - Automatic nesting with management of the orientation constraints (fibre direction) - Nesting visualisation & edition - Post-processing to generate the NC files

    Customer Benefits

    • An integrated component of CATIA V5 with the same look&feel and the usage of a single CAD system to do manufacturing geometrical modification
    • Reduced preparation time using high-level automation for tool path creation, hole analysis to create drilling operations, marking etc...
    • The link between manufacturing and design office parts implies no time lost in data transfer or in identification of geometrical changes
    • PANOGEN incorporates a materials & cutting parameters database, which can be used to automatically create reliable tool paths.