CAA for CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE - V6 Adoption for V5 Developers

Required for anybody developing V6 or migrating V5 applications in the scope of our Authoring Solutions


5 days


This course gives you information to determine how your applications should change to build and run on top of 3DEXPERIENCE: 
     - Understand 3DEXPERIENCE Foundation concepts
     - Use 3DEXPERIENCE CAA Development Environment and Documentation
     - Migrate a CAA V5 application to 3DEXPERIENCE

Participants' profile:

V5 CAA confirmed developers


To take full advantage of this instruction, participants are expected to be familiar with: 
     - CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Interactive: Assembly Design, Part Design, Generative Shape Design,  Knowledge Advisor
     - CAA V5 Programming

Content Abstract:
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Foundations for Developers
    - 3DEXPERIENCE Portfolio
    - Architecture
    - Data Modeling

  • Development Environment
    - CAA Development Environment
    - From V5 RADE to the new 3DEXPERIENCE Development Toolset for Native Apps
    - From CAA V5 Encyclopedia to the new 3DEXPERIENCE Developer Assistance Portal

  • Object Modeler (quick recap of the CAA basis programming concepts)
    - Overview
    - Interface/Implementation Design Pattern
    - Link between Interface & Implementation
    - Extension Mechanism
    - Late Type
    - Life Cycle
    - Smart Pointer

  • Adoption Methodology
    - Main Changes       
    - V5 Preliminary Preparation
    - 3DEXPERIENCE Software Architecture Changes
    - CGM Migration Tool

  • Streamed objects
    - Introducing           
    - PLM Core Modeler       
    - Skateboard illustration
    - VPM Class & PLM Attributes/Behaviors    
    - PLM Modelers
    - PLM Customizations
    - PLM Environment

  • Session Objects
    - From V5 Session to 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Connection
    - 3DEXPERIENCE Session Content
    - From V5 Features to 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Components & Features
    - From V5 CATDocument Services to QEOpS

  • From V5 CATPart to 3DEXPERIENCE 3DPart
    - CATPart Import
    - From CATPart to 3DPart Creation
    - Container Retrieval   

  • Feature Model
    - Overview
    - CATISpecObject  / CATIContainer vs Facade & Credential
    - V5 Lifecycle Services vs 3DEXPERIENCE Data Common Protocol Services
    - Feature Links
    - CATfctEditorAssistant
    - Import from V5

  • User Interaction
    - Add-in Creation
    - CATPathElement Creation
    - Rich Application Presentation Designer
    - CATDlgFile vs PLM Selector & PLM New           

  • From V5 CATProduct to 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Components
    - Product Modeler
    - Session Content
    - Navigation
    - PLM Component Creation/Instantiation
    - PLM Component Management
    - Provider
    - Object In Context
    - Publication
    - Constraint

Training material and method used:

- Classroom with 10 participants maximum, 2 per Windows machine
- Teacher's presentation & demos for one third of the time; two-thirds for hands on practice
- Practice: a simple V5 application to be modified to build and run on top of CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE
- Training material handed out in paper format