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 CAD-Terv Engineering Ltd. has been offering professional services in the domestic CAD/CAM/CAE market since 1997. The keys to providing successful services and achieving steady growth are our years of experience in design, organisational flexibility, focus on deadlines and efficient communication.
One key element of our portfolio is distributing Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions, especially the CATIA design system (the world's leading solution in product design and innovation). This product is the number one choice for companies committed to sustainable development (whether they are corporations, medium-sized or small businesses) in various fields of industry for designing innovative, future-minded products. The complexity of car electronics, for instance (electric doors and windows, satnav, intelligent routing systems and safety solutions), which require precise planning, execution and monitoring, make CATIA indispensable.
Beyond distributing DS PLM solutions, partner products and hardware, we provide full product support. We assist our clients in choosing the ideal program suite and hardware by solving company-specific issues and organising product demonstrations. We also offer consultations to help our users with their everyday work. Our new users can master the skills required for efficient use of the program through our tailor-made training courses.
While Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions provide a high standard of customisability, engineering practice presents numerous individual needs towards design systems. Our Software Development Unit, equipped with engineering experience blended with mastery in programming, is ready to handle these issues, providing custom-made solutions.

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In our work, we are defined by our passion and honesty, enterprise and innovation. These values guide us whatever we do; our organisation is built on these cornerstones. We only venture in fields where we can remain competitive and maintain our high standards in the services we provide to our clients.


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