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Established in 1986 in Tokyo Japan, Integra Inc. primary business is the development, marketing and sale of computer software products and related services for engineering. The main products of the company are software packages for optical and illumination simulation where accuracy and speed to simulate propagation of light has the essential importance.

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Lumicept is a hybrid light simulation software for designers, engineers and researchers working in the field of optics and lighting. A powerful 3D light simulation capability of Lumicept innovates the development of products such as automotive lamps, indicators, lighting fixtures and optical films where light plays an important role. The functionalities of Lumicept are designed for both optical simulation and computer-generated imagery (CGI) allowing users not only to analyze light propagation but also to generate photo-realistic images. With this hybrid feature of Lumicept, designers can iteratively perform virtual trial-and-error process until they are satisfied, reducing cost and time to make prototypes and experiments.

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