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Phone : (086)288/739-9222
Fax : (086)288/732-9997
Web : http://www.chidi.com.cn/

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Power China Chengdu Engineering Corporation Limited (CHIDI)officially commenced in 1955,which is one of the first established survey & design enterprises in China. Now it has developed into an international engineering company combines project planning, survey & design, enterprise consultation of large survey & design project, design-build, investment and financing, construction and operation, technology service and technical research and development, which provides great project management and technical service of clean energy,  infrastructure and environmental engineering projects.
Intelligent Engineering Corporation was established in 2017,which is developed from Digital Engineering and Information Technology Center of CHIDI.The Intelligent Engineering Corporation has core capabilities in software engineering, GIS, BIM, networking, big data, cloud computing.With the mission of making China constructions and urban facilities smarter,  the Intelligent Engineering Corporation  is dedicated to providing products and services with professional information management & digital engineering technology in clean energy, water environment and infrastructure.The main business of  Intelligent Engineering Corporation is information consultation, system development &integration , operation management, industrial safety control system, PLM solution, GIS & BIM service inculding intelligent engineering, intelligent water system, intelligent energy ,BIM consulting and enterprise information areas.The Intelligent Engineering Corporation develops and delivers information technology products and services for planning, design, construction and operation that enables enterprises to develop and improves quality & efficiency of projects, building smart projects and smart cities.

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Intelligent Engineering Corporation of CHIDI is the first enterprise to implement DS Construction,Cites&Territories system in southwest China.It has complete and rich experiences in DS software & solution, which has already succeed in carrying out  more than 30 projects, including clean energy, infrastructure and  water environment.The company has "DS-CHIDI  Engineering Design Software Research Center" to quickly respond customer demands.Intelligent Engineering Corporation can provide complete and professional DS products, solutions and services in the whole process of  planning, design, construction and operation and also the enterprise management.Intelligent Engineering Corporation has outstanding capabilities to help projects and enterprises more efficiency and  intelligence.

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