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Company address: Room 1-216, No. 20, Xinghuo Road Jiangbei New District 210000 NANJING JS, CHN


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在过去近20年的经营中,鹿膺先后为国企 500强企业 、上市企业、 政府企业 、行业有龙头设计企业、 医药行业、高新制造业等多家企业提供服务,获得客户的一致好评,尤其在企业技术支持方面多次获得客户提名肯定。
Founded in 2008, Nanjing Luying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an IT high-tech enterprise integrating professional and technical services, system integration and software development. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "service wins the future", and has been committed to providing value-added services for information construction for all kinds of enterprises, covering building automation system integration, data center construction, enterprise cloud services, various management system construction, security operation and maintenance value-added services, well-known software licensing services at home and abroad, and other sectors. In the field of enterprise digital services, Luying has obtained a number of ISO quality system certifications, and the company has its own complete technical service team, whose engineers hold CISP (Information Security Professional Certification), Network Engineer (CCNA, CCIE), IT Service Engineer Certificate (ITIL), Security Manufacturer Certification Engineer and other qualification certificates, providing standardized and high-quality services for enterprise digital transformation.
In the past nearly 20 years of operation, Luying has successively provided services for the top 500 state-owned enterprises, listed enterprises, government enterprises, leading design enterprises in the industry, pharmaceutical industry, high-tech manufacturing and many other enterprises, and has won unanimous praise from customers, especially in the field of enterprise technical support, which has been nominated and affirmed by customers for many times.

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Dassault Systèmes has a sufficient share of the Chinese market, and the performance of new customers is divided into customers who have never purchased Dassault Software and customers who have purchased additional products on the basis of the number they have purchased. In Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hefei and Nanjing in Jiangsu, there are upstream and downstream supply chains of the automotive industry. Anhui, the value of Luying is: know where the customer group is, know the hobby of the customer in charge, know the customer's purchase budget, can provide very excellent solutions, with customers have decision-makers, budgets and solutions, Dassault business can start a virtuous circle, and Luying will also through the customer's circle of friends, and then circle a group of customers, continue to copy the previous successful content; in the AEC industry, our company can bring greater business opportunities through the radiation of industry associations. Customers need to cultivate purchase awareness, help customers smooth out the content of the report through pre-LC and pre-sales intervention, highlight the advantages of software, and promote the project into an order.



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