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   MACROINF Is a domestic-funded enterprises, mainly engaged in the intelligent industry manufacture software solution consultant and implementation services, including Internet + MES, cloud platform, the Internet of things, big data, lean production, the RFID technology, such as the deep fusion  between information technology and manufacturing industry for the enterprise 4.0, digital factory, intelligent manufacture to provide computer Integrated manufacturing systems solutions.
   Company mainly supply the  consultant and solution like "MES information management system", "digital factory information management system" , the solution is mainly used in automotive OEM and components assembly production line, from the bottom of DCS to executive MES for independent implementation, also including the integration implementation of DCS, MES, ERP data process fusion, information flow seamlessly, making  highly unified management for design and manufacturing process. To meet the needs of enterprises to monitor and manage the production process and track the logistics status, and to solve the problem of production information lag. Due to the uneven level of automation in domestic manufacturing industry, the level of automation in process industry is much higher than that of discrete industry, so discrete industry is the main battlefield of intelligent transformation in the future. In discrete industry, the lowest level of automation is the manufacturing execution link, and the application of MES system is the key to solve this pain point. The implementation of the intelligent system  can greatly improve the level of automation and intelligent production, and achieve complete transparency of the production site.
  "For the manufacturing industry to provide a complete digital factory complete solution" is the power of MACROINF forward, is also the ultimate goal. Through the construction of product power, marketing power and brand power, the enterprise hopes to stride forward in this direction, dedicate to become   first-class brand in the domestic manufacturing field, dedicate to  become an international mainstream supplier of digital factory software.

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Help the customer to get business improvement and transformation with high technology solution support across the whole PLM process. It is the right solution and service that make the business proces get better and better. This accelerated 3DS industry solution package shorten the time for customer to deployment and delivery time when upgrading IT architecture and evolution new business domain.    it is the intelligent 3DExperience platform that  improve the efficiency from design to  manufacture and cut the cost of material warehouse highly. the single data source platforom cut the waste of unnecessary IT system investment. in the future, the IP data of enterprise will concrete  the core value of innovation power  and  B.I. 

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