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Phone : (852)21527388
Web : http://www.unikinfo.com/

Company Description

Unikinfo International Limited is found in 2019 and 100% owned by Unikinfo Technologies Co., Ltd (Beijing headquarter). The company is focus on Software and hardware electronic products’ sales and technical services; import and export trade; market services and management. The main target is undertake the management of international cooperation projects, including domestic import cooperation of international products, overseas market development cooperation of independent R & D products and so on. The headquarter company- Unikinfo Technologies Co., Ltd is founded in Beijing dated 2007. The idea of the group company is ‘Independent research and development, Continuous innovation’. In the area of Complex EM environment simulator test, Radar/communication electronic information system simulation and test, RF & MW simulation and other related areas, we have a series of products which own the intellectual property rights and competitive products. The Unikinfo is a science and technology innovation enterprise with software and hardware. We provide the service of advanced R&D design, products test and customized consulting to help customers improve R&D strength, shorter cycle round and reduce cost. We are aiming to build high level’s equipment together with the customer.

Business Partnership

General VAR Agreement

Value Proposition

1. We have enough experience in Fest 3D and Spark 3D. We do the most work in this field almost cover total Customer in  Fest 3D and Spark 3D.
2. We have a dedicated team to do related work independently, able to complete the DS products technical support work.
3. We have rich experience in marketing, exhibition and other marketing activities. Every year to participate in a variety of technical seminars, has the rich market experience, complete the DS product extension.
4. Unikinfo International Limited is helping Beijing head office to export trade and logistics management, mainly responsible for independent R & D products overseas development, global market logistics distribution, business management and service support. 

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