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パナソニック システムデザイン(株)はITシステム構築や開発の分野で、コンサルティングからエンジニアリングまでワンストップでプロジェクトを推進します。当社は、お客様の可視化されていない課題を見つけ出し、まったく新しいアイデアと方法で、これまでにない体験をご提供いたします。

Panasonic System Design is committed to driving various projects in the IT system development field by providing a one-stop service from consulting to engineering. We find unrecognized issues and provide solutions that exceed your expectations with innovative ideas and advanced approaches.

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Challenges that systems engineers need to address are diverse and much more demanding nowadays. 
MBSE(Model-based Systems Engineering) is one of the effective means to enable systems engineering with model. A model consists of a vast amount and wide range of information and the relationships between them as a consistent information structure. Utilizing tools with a model, for example, generating reports and sharing data with other tools, can encourage to facilitate communication among engineers in the different fields and integrate the model and development processes. 
We provide concrete and practical support service to enable MBSE as a partner.

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