Luceda Photonics

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Noordlaan 21 9200 DENDERMONDE

Phone : (032)52 339 838
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Company Description

Luceda Photonics is a design software and services provider for the integrated photonics market. The company was founded as a spin off from University of Gent, imec and VUB in 2014. Since then we have doubled our orders every year and have acquired several Fortune 500 companies. Two from the Three largest mobile phone companies in the world are active customers. We are sought after for our library building and QA capabilities by industry and academic leaders worldwide. Today we cover the largest amount of public PDKs (libraries) in our market.

Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

IPKISS.flow is a scripting environment that covers the complete photonic IC design flow up to measurement feedback for true component validation. The components rely on a single, centrally defined model for a smooth transition between the different design stages such as layout and circuit simulation This makes the design flow robust -"What you layout is what you calculate"-, will reduce design errors and will save considerable design time.

  1. Raises the integrity of your design flow
  2. fully parametric powerful Python scripting
  3. from netlist to layout in the same component
  4. circuit simulation & validation by measurement
  5. customizable to internal design methodolog


WAHL, Pierre