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At DGS Associates we have over four decades of experience designing all types of microwave filters and multiplexers, including combline, interdigital,...

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Company address: 955 POPLAR PL 80304-6704 BOULDER BOULDER CO, USA

Website: http://www.dgsboulder.com/

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At DGS Associates we have over four decades of experience designing all types of microwave filters and multiplexers, including combline, interdigital, waveguide, microstrip and stripline. We can design high Q cavity filters, planar filters on ceramic substrates and printed circuit board filters using standard SMT components.​​

If you are interested in expanding your design skills we have two and three day classes that are targeted to specific commercial and military applications. These classes can be customized to address your specific needs.


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Equal Ripple Optimization for CST Design Studio (EQR_OPT_CST_DS) is a specialized engine for filter optimization. It leverages the Design Studio COM API and can optimize any filter that can be defined in the Design Studio environment. Unlike many general purpose optimizers, EQR_OPT_CST_DS finds an exact equal ripple response. General purpose optimizers often fail to find all the reflection zeros in the passband, particularly for higher order filters. EQR_OPT_CST_DS also controls the bandwidth of the filter exactly, which general purpose optimizers cannot easily do. This is particularly important for diplexers and multiplexers. EQR_OPT_CST_DS can optimize individual bandpass, lowpass and highpass filters. It can also optimize diplexers and multiplexers. Once an initial solution is found, it is easy to modify the bandwidth or shift the center frequency of the filter.



DGS Associates offers three programs for high Q cavity filter design: Cavity Combline (CCL), Cavity Interdigital (CID) and Waveguide Cavity (WGC). For each of these programs we offer model building programs that take geometric data from the design programs and generate a fully parametric model in CST Microwave Studio. This automated model building can save a tremendous amount of time in your design flow.




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