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Company Description

STS was established in 2002 as a company that specializes in supporting public research institutions and private research and development departments to provide mainly system consulting, technical support, database development, software development, system integration, and research support. Many of our employees have obtained Ph.D., so we can provide highly specialized services. Over the years, I have participated as a researcher in national projects and have accumulated a great deal of specialized knowledge, know-how and skills. In addition, STS has long been a distributor of BIOVIA products, and also has deep product knowledge and advanced usage methods. STS can provide a consistent service for hardware installation, system construction, BIOVIA product support, database development, software development, and research support.

Examples of Life Science Specialized System Construction:
   Compound information management system
   Drug discovery support system
   Reagent management system
   Genome/gene/glycan analysis system
   HTS information management system
   Molecular design and simulation support system
   Genome medical information retrieval system
   Consulting of the above system


Business Partnership

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Value Proposition

Products and services that have the technical advantage of STS support

  - Protocol development to be integrated various kind of softwares( including freewares etc.) using Pipeline Pilot
  - Almost molecular design and simulation tools with support by computational chemists and theoretical  physicists
  - Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics systems construction combined  AI tools and huge databases
  - R&D support and consultation by Ph.D
  - Professional system design and construction in Life and Material sciences


  - Pipeline Pilotを使い、様々なアプリケーション(フリーウェアを含む)を統合したプロトコル開発
  - ほとんどの分性設計とシミュレーションツールで、計算化学者と理論物理学者によるサポートが受けられる。
  - AIツールと巨大データベースを組み合わせたCheminformatics 及び Bioinfomatics システム耕地が可能
  - 博士号取得者による研究開発支援及びコンサルテーションの実施
  - ライフサイエンス及び材料科学分野での専門システム設計と構築が可能

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