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Malva S.A. has been providing solutions for the lab-dependent industry and academia for 30 years in the regional Balkan market and beyond.  Profitable and with more than 600k in non-dilutive financing, with new partnerships that create synergies, which bring value to our brand and present an opportunity for growth in a still challenging and competitive environment, Malva aims to lead the Life Sciences market with investments from Diagnostics to Mass Spectrometry and from Process Solutions to Biomanufacturing and Medical Devices Product Life Cycle solutions.

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Malva creates value to its customers by engaging in strong, collaborative business partnerships, which lead to successful technology transfer of cutting-edge solutions to industry and acedemia. We get closely involved in designing, implementing, building and commissioning turnkey solutions to laboratory-dependent organisations of the future. We deliver personal to enterprise-wide software solutions that help our customers achieve better data management, make meaningful, evedence-based decisions, within the regulatory framework, while maintaining data integrity. We have the necessary industrial and scientific expertise to be a valuable partner in FP7 and Horizons 2020 projects, with meaningful impact to science and society. Over our 30-year experience we have successfully delivered numerous large projects in Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography Networks, Molecular Diagnostics, Laboratory Expansions, Thermal Analysis, Material Science, Pharmaceutical Production, Proteomics and, recently, Genomics, just to name a few.

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