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DITEX is the business unit of the University of Lorraine focused on DASSAULT SYSTEMES solutions.DITEX is a unique center of expertise to meet the challenges...

Contact Information

Company name: UP&S DITEX

Company address: UFR-MIM 3 RUE AUGUSTIN FRESNEL 57070 METZ , FRA

Website: http://ditex.univ-lorraine.fr

Partner Overview

DITEX is the business unit of the University of Lorraine focused on DASSAULT SYSTEMES solutions.

DITEX is a unique center of expertise to meet the challenges of the Industry of the Future, born from the collaboration between University of Lorraine and Dassault Systèmes.

It is attached to the UFR-MIM (Faculty and Research Unit in Mathematics, IT and Mechanics) and LGIPM (Research Laboratory in Computer Engineering, Production and Maintenance) from University of Lorraine.

We accumulated more than 15 years of advanced experience by working together with DASSAULT SYSTEMES and by wanting to make this knowledge our core business. We focus our business in the digital transition in the Industry of the Future/Industry 4.0/Industry Renaissance and we are convinced that nothing will happen without knowledge and know how. This is the reason why we focus on Expertise, Continuing & Academic Education, Professional training and Certification




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