As world-renowned engineering, geology, information systems, and technology experts, RESPEC is a leader in integrated mining, minerals, and energy...

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Company name: RESPEC INC

Company address: 3824 JET DR 57703-4757 RAPID CITY PENNINGTON SD, USA


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As world-renowned engineering, geology, information systems, and technology experts, RESPEC is a leader in integrated mining, minerals, and energy solutions. In the spirit of stewardship, RESPEC’s unique team of distinguished professionals offers mining and mineral clients the expertise to maximize project returns while respecting a community’s economic, social, and environmental well-being. RESPEC supports the mining industry from exploration to reclamation in every phase of its life cycle. We’ve offered solutions in remote, extreme environments, like the North Slope of Alaska to the South Pole, to places worldwide, like Ukraine, the Philippines, and Chile. This range of technical and geographic experience allows RESPEC to understand the mining industry’s needs, including site access, site infrastructure, and mine design. Our specialized skills—from permitting and drill hole planning to resource and reserve estimation and pit optimization—ensure mining clients receive the exact solution they need.

RESPEC’S mining experience centers around the following four market sectors:
» Metals
» Construction Materials
» Industrial Minerals
» Energy
Our geologists, mining engineers, civil engineers, and environmental scientists support these market sectors.

Partner Highlights

Working closely with our clients and Dassault Systems Geovia product line, RESPEC’s team of qualified engineers and geologists provide geologic and engineering services to the mining industry. Our expertise lies in advising clients about their mining projects at any stage of exploration, development, production, or closure. RESPEC’s experience ranges from grassroots exploration and data management to daily mine operations and includes every step of a project’s development. Our goal is to provide clients with the best data and analysis of their projects, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Our services can entail advising about sample handling procedures, developing geologic and mineral domain models, or optimizing and planning production schedules. The end product allows for better utilization of resources and increased efficiencies.
Utilizing Geovia software products, RESPEC creates 3D geological models and resource estimations for deposits around the world.  RESPEC’s 3D modeling services include solid, grid, sectional, and hybrid models. We also offer block modeling with geostatistical analyses, including variography, kriging, and simulation. Final products include resource estimation and classification, uncertainty quantification, and other geostatistically derived results. Partnering with Geovia software products allows us to complete geological and resource modeling, underground and open pit mine optimization and design, and scheduling operations for prefeasibility and feasibility reporting, NI 43-101 and SEC SK-1300 Reporting, and due diligence for financial groups.


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