Founded in 1996, Ceetron AS offers 3D visualization products and solutions to OEM customers and end users in the CAE market, with a focus on CFD and FEA. ...

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Company name: CEETRON AS


Website: https://ceetron.com/contact/locations

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Founded in 1996, Ceetron AS offers 3D visualization products and solutions to OEM customers and end users in the CAE market, with a focus on CFD and FEA.  

Ceetron 3D visualization technology is used by thousands of CAE engineers worldwide. We have customers in Europe, North America, and Asia, and our customer list includes top-tier OEMs like Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, Transvalor, and DNVGL; major industrial customers like BMW, Rolls Royce Marine, and Alcoa; and leading academic institutions like SINTEF, Osaka University, and MIT.

We have offices in Trondheim, Norway; Tønsberg, Norway (HQ); and Sophia Antipolis, France. 

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  • Python-bindings for 3D Components: With our Python-bindings for 3D Components, one can create Python plug-ins for Abaqus with rich visualization, collaboration, and workflow support.  Through the send to cloud functionality, one can also extend one’s plug-in with a cloud-based back end infrastructure, based on public or private cloud infrastructures.  Whether one develops for personal use, in-house use or the external market, and whether for highly manual or highly automated workflows, our Python-bindings for 3D Components will allow for the creation of premium-quality and high-performance Abaqus plug-ins.  And just Python, no C++.
  • 3D Components: Ceetron 3D Components is a component-based SDK for the design and implementation of stand-alone visualization and collaboration applications for engineering simulation data. Abaqus file formats (plus most other industry-standard formats) can be imported through the Import Component.  By using Ceetron 3D Components, one can create domain-specific post-processing applications / extensions for Abaqus-based CAE workflows. Combined with our free viewers and Ceetron Cloud (or private clouds), applications built with 3D Components enable easy sharing of 3D engineering information with colleagues, partners and customers.  For more information, see https://ceetron.com/developer-zone/products-2/ceetron-3d-components.
  • Cloud Components: Cloud Components is same as 3D Components, but for cloud-based simulation applications using web apps as clients.  Cloud Components can be run on most industrially relevant cloud infrastructures, including AWS, Azure, and SAP Hana.  WebGL is only requirement on client side, node.js and socket.io on server-side.  Desktop performance and quality are obtained on client side, whether workstation, laptop, or pad, and in any browser.  For more information, see https://ceetron.com/developer-zone/products-2/ceetron-cloud-components.



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