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694, Avenue Dr Maurice Donat Parc de Haute Technologie - Sophia Antipolis 06255 MOUGINS CEDEX

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Company Description

Transvalor S.A. ,  is a software and engineering services company whose focus is the development of high-performance suite of simulation software for various classes of materials, with industrial applications including aerospace, energy and automotive.

Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

Z-mat is fully integrated product which provides to Abaqus users a large base of constitutive models for plasticity and viscoplasticity, along with dedicated robust integration methods and advanced material parameter identification procedures. 

Z-post is fully integrated general purpose post-processing package designed to act on any type of data resulting from a Finite Element Analysis performed with Abaqus. Z-post provides a complete Abaqus odb interface and contains a large collection of “processes” for efficient treatment and analysis of FEA results, with special attention given to life estimation and damage models.

Z-cracks is a software for realistic 3D fracture mechanics simulation, which relies on adaptive remeshing approaches to accurately predict the crack path. It includes the computation of stress intensity factors and the simulation of mixed-mode propagation.