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High Performance BIM : Design, engineering, and fabrication BIM for the world’s most demanding projects.

Software Partnership

CAA Gold Partner

Value Proposition

The DIGITAL PROJECT SUITE is leveraging the CATIA modeling engine.


Powerful geometry

Digital Project allows you to build BIM & CAD models regardless of geometric complexity. With powerful surface, wireframe & solid modeling, Digital Project can support the most demanding projects.

Knowledge driven modeling

Develop intelligent parametric families that can address localized conditions and incorporate automated drawing generation, optimization, and reporting.

Unlimited Scalability

Create and combine CAD and BIM models from the city scale to the construction detail, navigate, clash and measure, build 4D sequences and more.


Digital Project has import and export capabilities that allow easy and accurate exchange with other software products, allowing full integration of workflow.

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Partner's Products


> GT V5 Systems Routing
> GT Structure Translators
> GT V5 Structure Design 1
> GT Attributes and Quantities management
> GT - STEP Core Interface 1
> GT - STL Rapid Prototyping 1
> Digital Project for CATIA - DXF & DWG Translator
> GLO : GT - GT- 2D Layout for 3D Design 1 (Digital Project)
> GTx
> GT V5 Knowledge Advisor
> GFI : GT - DMU Fitting Simulator 2
> GT1
> Digital Project - Project Manager
> Digital Project - Primavera Integration
> Digital Project for CATIA - CATIA Primavera Integration
> GT Project Viewer
> GT - Knowledge Expert
> GT - Product Engineering Optimizer
> GT V5 Knowledge Template
> GT - Photo Studio Optimizer
> GT - Photo Studio
> GT - Imagine and Shape