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Company name: KIS CO LTD

Company address: 1-6-27 KODA MINAMI-KU 861-4108 KUMAMOTO-SHI 43, JPN


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Business contents
· Consulting service
· System construction service
· Design / development / maintenance of systems and software
· Computer / network equipment sales
· Network construction / monitoring / operation service
· Virtual infrastructure building support service
· Various security solutions
· Data Center / Cloud Service

Partner Highlights

We have been providing software developing service for manufacturing industries more than 40 years. Therefore we are familiar with production control , manufacturing execution and warehouse management and also deeply understand the challenges in manufacturing industries .
To use our experiences and skills,we provide the integlated service that is from consultation to operation and maintenance based on global situation and we have been developing  the solutions that can help to solve the issues on manufacturing situation.

We promise to provide the effective system solutions that is drawn from advanced business know-how and actual challenges of a customer by organizing complicated arrangement business factor like human, thing and money .
Our mission is contribution to manufacturing
We would like to continue to be a company that can respond to the expectations of many people through our solution and contribute to the future of the manufacturing industry.


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