Founded in 2004, Huarui Information Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hangzhou and has branches and offices in Wuxi, Wenzhou, Hefei, Jiaxing, Ningbo,...

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Founded in 2004, Huarui Information Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hangzhou and has branches and offices in Wuxi, Wenzhou, Hefei, Jiaxing, Ningbo, Taizhou and other places. Focusing on the 3D digitization and information service field of manufacturing enterprises, taking the 3D digitization of enterprise products as the core, it is committed to helping enterprises realize the digital transformation of key nodes of business processes, open up the flow of product data in the enterprise business processes in the form of BOM, and realize the safe, accurate and efficient control of the generated data, drawings and documents through the system platform. Provide enterprises with platforms and solutions from 3D design, product technology R & D management (PLM), intelligent manufacturing production management (MES), after-sales on-site service management (FSM), covering enterprises' collection from market demand, marketing, design, 3D printing, process, manufacturing, after-sales on-site service management, and help enterprises improve 3D digital design, R & D innovation and intelligent manufacturing through implementation and service, And the management level of after-sales service experience.
Since 2005, Huarui has become the first-class value-added software distributor of Dassault Analysys Solidworks in Greater China. At present, it is one of the most outstanding business partners of Dassault Analysys Solidworks in Greater China; In 2015, we joined hands with Tianhe intelligent manufacturing again to enter the field of intelligent production, helped Chinese manufacturing enterprises carry out industrial transformation and upgrading, and began to deploy enterprise on-site after-sales service management products, so as to form a complete manufacturing informatization solution.
In response to customers' increasingly diversified product design, R & D and in-depth service requirements, Huarui has gradually cultivated a service team of up to dozens of senior technical engineers. The team divides work and cooperates according to each software module and specialty, and shows its strengths. With the help of powerful products and technical services, we can provide manufacturing customers with professional consulting and implementation services in various fields, such as rapid product matching and quotation, 3D digital design, 3D parameterization and standardization, engineering simulation analysis, NC machining, digital interactive SOP, digital quality inspection, workshop digital paperless, product R & D and product data management (PDM / PLM), The technical gradient team led by senior technical consultants of various disciplines has achieved a high degree of collaboration with other professional teams to provide customers with in-depth integrated and customized solutions.
As early as 2000 before the establishment of the company, Huarui's core team began to serve the informatization of the manufacturing industry. Relying on Dassault systems SolidWorks series products, Huarui has provided professional 3D digital design and informatization services for the manufacturing industry for nearly 20 years, accumulated rich experience in industry implementation and service, and created a professional technical service team with thousands of customers, The long-term cooperation and service with customers have won the excellent reputation of customers;

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For more than ten years, Huarui has always hoped to bring international high-level software and management platform to customers, and provide enterprises with first-class project implementation and technical support services. After years of professional implementation and considerate services for thousands of enterprises, users are all over aerospace, engineering machinery, automobile, electrical, medical treatment, mold, education and other industries, and have formed long-term strategic partnerships with many local well-known enterprises, such as steam turbine Co., Ltd., Sanhua group, Wahaha Group, Qianjin gearbox group, xingdeke packaging, Central Asia Machinery, shengvanti hot runner, ingers mold and so on.
The bank's comprehensive multi-professional technical service team provides customers with integrated customized services:
Continue to focus on creating professional services and excellent user reputation
With a long-term and continuous after-sales service system, we hope to establish a long-term partnership with customers and help users continue to succeed
We firmly believe that as long as we can create value for users, we will bring benefits to ourselves; Vision of the company: with the help of the most advanced concepts and tools in the industry and with the help of its own rich service experience, it will become the most professional 3D digital design, R & D and intelligent manufacturing service provider in China's manufacturing industry
We know that professional implementation and service is only a good start, and the continuous success of customers depends on a perfect after-sales service system. Therefore, over the years, we have continuously improved our after-sales service process, continuously improved our after-sales methods and capabilities, and took the lead in introducing the annual experiential user training and after-sales service system in the industry, hoping to provide continuous support and assistance for customers' business development.


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