Essential Support Services

Discover the coverage of the Essentials Support Services offer 

Get your product up and running with direct support

Support Services are an integrated part of your 3DS offerings. 3DS provides global, entreprise-class support and continuous access to innovation across any and all of your 3DS solutions.  

Enjoy productivity gains with the latest product releases, improved quality and expert assistance. 

Depending on your 3DS solutions portfolio, you will benefit from the SECURE or ADVANTAGE offer:

User empowerment

Online Resources & User's Communities

Empower your users by enabling them to access anytime online documentation, release notes, knowledge articles and user communities.

Ensure business continuity

Case Management

Rely on timely assistance to efficiently manage your cases so you stay focused on your business.

Phone assistance 8/5

With ADVANTAGE offer you can contact your Dassault Systèmes Local Customer Support Center by phone during business hours.

Continuous access to Innovation

Major Releases

Benefit from Dassault Systèmes state of the art technology. Keep your 3DS offering current as new functionalities are released. Capitalize on new features, and functions.

Minor Releases

Obtain new releases that enable you to maximize user productivity, maintain the highest level of security and optimize system stability. Benefit from new productivity enhancements and fixes.
Get the latest security and compatibility updates.

Continuous access to innovation
Major releases X X
Minor releases X X
User empowerment
Online Resources X X
User’s communities X X
Ensure Business Continuity
Case Management (Defect) X X
Case Management (Non Defect) - X
Case Management by Phone 8/5 - X
Case Management by Phone 24/7 for Cloud Priority Case - For Cloud Customers ONLY


PREMIUM helps you in your transformation providing an enhanced level of proactive services.

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