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B-EN-G supports customers' business reforms through a wide variety of integrated services, ranging from consultation to the configuration, management, and maintenance of business systems for the transportation, communications, financial, and service industries, as well as the manufacturing industry.

What is B-EN-G ?

Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) was formed in April 1999 as an independent entity when Toyo Engineering Corp. spun off its IT segment to cope with rapid diversification in the global IT business.

To its clients, which include Japan's leading global manufacturers renowned for advanced technology and first-rate management, B-EN-G offers a variety of forms of assistance in the restructuring of their business processes.

Accumulated experience

Reinforced by our proprietary system configuration methodology, B-EN-G's project management expertise, gathered through numerous undertakings, allows us to meet project requirements at low risk and low cost.

Advanced business expertise

Through its many years of experience, B-EN-G has gained a deep understanding of our customers and their varying business operations. The solutions provided by B-EN-G will minimize the burden on our customers.


With its engineers settling for nothing less than perfection, B-EN-G provides high-quality services for projects of all types and sizes.

B-EN-G's networks and keen foresight have enabled us to address such solutions as ERP, EC, and CRM, long before the solution concept was introduced in Japan. We have since brought to the market various solutions integrating our know-how and proprietary technology.

In the age of e-business, B-EN-G's solutions are sure to meet any customer needs.

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Designed to be scalable across all Dassault Systèmes software, the PLM Partners Program offers a global, flexible framework to support the growth of our partners' businesses while providing key tools (sales, marketing, technical support and communication) to strengthen their PLM skills.


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