Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) supports customers' business reforms through a wide variety of integrated services, ranging from consultation to...

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Company address: KDDI OTEMACHI BLDG 1-8-1 OTEMACHI 100-0004 CHIYODA-KU 13, JPN


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Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) supports customers' business reforms through a wide variety of integrated services, ranging from consultation to the configuration, management, and maintenance of business systems for the manufacturing industry. Our impressive track record in ERP, SCM and a wealth of other solutions now spans virtually every manufacturing sector ― from pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, electronics, oil, chemicals, and machinery. 
B-EN-G is the prime contractor of DELMIA Apriso in Japan.

ビジネスエンジニアリング(B-EN-G:ビーエンジ)は、製造業向け業務システムのコンサルテーションから構築・運用・保守まで、幅広い統合サービスを通じてお客さまの業務改革を支援しています。ERP、SCMをはじめとする豊富なソリューションの実績は、現在、製薬、電機、電子、石油、化学、機械などほぼすべての製造業に及んでいます。日本におけるDELMIA Aprisoのプライムコントラクターです。

What is B-EN-G ?Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) was formed in April 1999 as an independent entity when Toyo Engineering Corp. spun off its IT segment and external sales divisions offering FA, CIM, etc..

Since becoming the first Japanese company to complete a successful SAP ERP implementation support project, B-EN-G has provided many solutions to digitalize.

Because of this history, B-EN-G specializes in implementing systems that link ERP, manufacturing execution management (MES/MOM), and manufacturing equipment, and is one of the few companies that can promote the systemization of manufacturing sites while maintaining an overview of the entire corporate system.

B-EN-G has been providing implementation services for DELMIA Apriso as MES/MOM, for over 15 years and is the prime contractor for this product in Japan.


日本企業で初めてSAP ERP導入支援プロジェクトを成功させて以来、B-EN-Gは、ERPを中心に製造業のデジタル化のためのさまざまなソリューションを提供しています。
B-EN-Gは、MES/MOMであるDELMIA Aprisoの導入サービスを15年以上続けており、日本における同製品のプライムコントラクターとして活動しています。

Partner Highlights

Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G)  has so much experiences for Japanese manufactures in ERP & MES area.
Then we can support their improvement activites by colabolating with Dassault Systems and DELMIA Apriso products.

We will deliver business improvement support services that only B-EN-G, who knows the Japanese manufacturing industry, can do.


故に私共はダッソー・システムズ及びその製品の一つであるDELMIA Aprisoとともにお客様の改善活動を支援することが可能です。


 Business Engineering for Groth
「未来まで より添い抜く」

All for "growth for customers"
Neither in front nor behind, but by your side
Together on the road to the goal. We are B-EN-G.





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