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expi is a German software company specialized in building integration solutions between electronic design software (ECAD PCB) and leading PLM/ERP systems. Since the beginning in 1997, we have been focused exclusively on the management of electronic design data and electronic processes for the value chain.

With many years of experience and extensive first-hand knowledge in the PLM and engineering domain we also offer a wide range of different consulting services around the engineering processes and methods towards PLM.

expi customers include companies from all over the world in various domains like high-tech, automotive, communication or industrial equipment.

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Value proposition

Our integration solutions enable companies to accelerate product development and delivery by allowing designers to easily share information regarding their electronic designs throughout the product life cycle, resulting in fewer engineering changes, shorter development times and lower production costs.

The company can react fast and flexible on customer demands, increase the efficiency when developing new and innovative products and comply with national and international laws and regulations.

The company will connect its ECAD domain to the ENOVIA controlled business processes - for more efficiency and transparency. Whether development, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, quality assurance or finance, all departments will benefit through the process integration. 

By extending our product portfolio to also support mainstream PCB products as a complementary offering to the existing Dassault Systèmes product portfolio, the customer is now able to manage their complete product design inside ENOVIA.

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> pe4 OrCAD Library Connector to 3DEXPERIENCE
> pe4 OrCAD Connector to 3DEXPERIENCE
> pe4 Altium Connector to 3DEXPERIENCE


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