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Our aim is to take the tedium out of engineering analysis and increase creativity by developing and maintaining cutting-edge software that enables integration, optimization and advanced data analysis. Used worldwide, ESTECO technology, inspires decision making, increases design simulation tool efficiency and accelerates product innovation.

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SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

Digimat-CAE/Abaqus  is the interface that couples Digimat-MF to Abaqus. Digimat-MF is provided as a software library that is linked to Abaqus to offer a strong multi-scale coupling between the nonlinear micromechanical material modeling capabilities of Digimat-MF and the nonlinear explicit FEA capabilities of Abaqus.

Plug-in interface in Abaqus/CAE allows to:

*Select a DIGIMAT material or import it from the Digimat-MX database.
*Prepare the DIGIMAT user material for the coupled analysis by defining the orientation file and all integration parameters.
*Update the Abaqus input deck with the defined DIGIMAT user material.
*Rename the SDVs.
*Extract the strain state of a single element and apply it as the boundary condition on a RVE model generated in Digimat-FE.

This interface is used to model the thermo-mechanical behavior of composites structures under quasi-static and dynamic loading conditions. The material can be modeled as anisotropic thermo-elasto-plastic, viscoelastic, elasto-viscoplastic, viscoelastic-viscoplastic, hyperelastic or defined with a Leonov-EGP model.

This interface is used to model the impact and failure behavior of composite structures. In such applications, anisotropic thermoelasto-plastic, viscoelastic, elasto-viscoplastic or even viscoelastic-viscoplastic material responses can be modeled. It provides an accurate failure prediction of micro (matrix and/or fibers) & macro failure indicators.

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