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AlphaSTAR is a leading global provider of physics based simulation software and services for material modeling and analysis of advanced composite materials. Since its inception in 1989, AlphaSTAR has focused on composite structures, and related innovative research and services that helped industry and government agencies overcomes mission critical challenges with complex structural systems.

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AlphaSTAR’s flagship product GENOA augments Abaqus FEA analysis for "Progressive Failure Analysis" of structures made from advanced composite materials subject to static, fatigue, and impact loadings. GENOA has a full-hierarchical modeling that goes down to the micro-scale of sub-divided unit cells composed of fiber bundles and their surrounding matrix. GENOA’s solution is not limited to polymer composites; it can be used for assessing behavior of structures made from Hybrid Composites (i.e. Fiber Metal Laminates) and Nano composites.

In GENOA's Progressive Failure the stresses and strain at micro level are calculated using a mechanics-of-material-approach from the finite element analysis results of the macro-mechanical analysis at each load increment. Displacements, stress and strains derived from the structural scale FEA solution at an element (from Abaqus) are decomposed to the laminate and lamina scales using laminate theory. Stresses and strains at the micro-scale are derived from the lamina scale using micro-stress theory.  The latter are interrogated for damage using a set of failure criteria. This analysis is performed progressively all the way to failure, enabling the analysis of damage initiation and progression including fracture initiation on a micro level. GENOA integrates damage & fracture mechanics into one platform. For details visit or

MCQ (Material Characterization & Qualification) Composites is another product from AlphaSTAR that enables ultra-rapid modeling, design, and analysis of advanced composites for aerospace, automotive, wind turbine, ship building, and infrastructure industries. MCQ uses a unit cell approach for assessing material behavior not requiring finite element modeling. It is applicable to all un-notched laminates where a uniform state of stress persists. MCQ models all types of composite architectures including tape, 2D/3D woven and braided materials using multi-scale physics based micro/macro mechanics formulations. It accounts for "as built" and "as-is" states taking into consideration manufacturing defects and effect of uncertainties in material properties and fabrication. MCQ generates the ABD and engineering constants that can be input to FEA code e.g. Abaqus.

Highlights of MCQ Composites
*Laminate properties (thermal-hygral-mechanical-electrical)
*Mesh-less Unit Cell Simulation
*Accurate, Robust, Tested, Verified and User Friendly
*Load limits and damage/failure modes
*Allowable and carpet plots for test reduction
*"As-built" and "as-is" material states like manufacturing defects and environmental effects
*PMC/CMC/MMC/Hybrid Systems, 2D/3D Architectures, Fiber Metal Laminates, Honeycomb or Foam Cores

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Other products are MCQ Ceramics, MCQ Nano and MCQ Metals.

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