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VEXTEC Corporation provides software based on ICME (Integrated Computational Materials Engineering) to predict product durability. This software fills a gap...

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Company name: VEXTEC CORP

Company address: 5123 VIRGINIA WAY STE C21 37027-7519 BRENTWOOD WILLIAMSON TN, USA

Website: http://www.vextec.com/

Partner Overview

VEXTEC Corporation provides software based on ICME (Integrated Computational Materials Engineering) to predict product durability. This software fills a gap in the existing capabilities provided by CAD/CAM, FEA, statistical modeling, and physical material and component testing, by effectively integrating them into a single computational processing framework.

What makes us different from other engineering consulting companies is our proprietary durability software, VPS-MICRO®.  Using our software as a service, our client companies are empowered to make better products and resolve in-service durability and reliability issues.

VPS-MICRO is the advanced ICME tool that addresses fatigue and it is unique in the industry because it:

  • Simulates fatigue at the microstructural level, where damage occurs.
  • Captures the variability of material processing, manufacturing and in-service conditions probabilistically.
  • Utilizes flexible computational architecture that allows the usage of multiple material models.



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The VPS-MICRO software tool has been enabled to t “read-in” results from a FEA software package such as Abaqus. VEXTEC can develop customized plug-ins in python that allow users to input different FEA results files with little or no involvement from VEXTEC. VEXTEC has also created an FEA template so that simulation results, like probability of fatigue failure, can be directly overlaid within any FEA software produced stress contour map.Using VPS-MICRO , users can predict fatigue life and corrosion damage in structural, mechanical, and electronic products. Industries and Applications Software Demonstrations Selected Case Studies

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