Paradigm part of Aspen Technology, Inc. a leading industrial software partner. AspenTech solutions address complex environments where it is critical to...

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Company address: 78 AVE DU 20EME CORPS 54000 NANCY , FRA


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Paradigm part of Aspen Technology, Inc. a leading industrial software partner. AspenTech solutions address complex environments where it is critical to optimize the asset design, operation and maintenance lifecycle.

AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (formerly Paradigm and Roxar) offers a complete geoscience and engineering solution for the upstream energy and carbon storage industry. Geologists, geophysicists and engineers rely on our rich portfolio of advanced productivity tools from; seismic processing & imaging, interpretation & modeling, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering, and production modeling, to offer the industry its most accurate subsurface models. Enhanced by a robust digital infrastructure for promoting data consumption and collaboration, and by machine learning-based technology to efficiently describe subsurface from large amounts of data, these solutions empower the decision maker to minimize risk and uncertainty and improve confidence for supporting responsible asset management.

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The Aspen SKUA™ geological modeling suite provides geologists, reservoir modelers and reservoir engineers with the next-generation software they need to create accurate, unbiased, and geologically realistic reservoir models in an integrated, 3D modeling environment. Aspen SKUA provides the workflows, tools, and flexibility needed to efficiently and accurately represent the subsurface and its petrophysical content. With a user-friendly interface, automated work processes, and a complete audit trail, users can model faster and investigate alternative scenarios, while tracking every modeling change.

 The tight connection between Abaqus and Aspen SKUA enables users to perform geomechanical studies on models that accurately represent the subsurface. Aspen SKUA creates 3D meshes that are ideal for both geological modeling and geomechanical simulation.

The joint solution enables operators to understand the risks associated with pore pressure prediction, wellbore stability, subsidence and compaction, cap seal integrity, fault reactivation. In unconventional plays, it provides guidance for completion optimization and refracking.



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