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Endurica is the global leader in analysis and testing solutions for elastomer durability. We offer durability simulation software, testing services and...

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Company name: ENDURICA LLC

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Endurica is the global leader in analysis and testing solutions for elastomer durability. We offer durability simulation software, testing services and testing instruments, as well as training, simulation services and consulting. Our solutions are used wherever an elastomeric part must meet a durability requirement.  Endurica offers complete, production-ready workflows for mastering durability.  Our solutions beat prior art “build-and-break” methods by reliably producing high-confidence results on tight schedules. With Endurica, you get durability right, and you get it done fast.

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fe-safe/Rubber computes the fatigue life of a rubber component. Based on the mechanical duty cycle simulated in the finite element analysis and the material properties of the rubber, it computes the number of repeats of the duty cycle that are required to produce a small crack at each location on the component. Fatigue lives are shown as color contours on the FE model, highlighting the critical locations where cracks will initiate.

fe-safe/Rubber features a patented critical plane algorithm developed specifically for finite straining. This algorithm accurately accounts for the effects of crack closure and multiaxial loading. It also features a Rainflow counting procedure for identifying and accumulating the damaging effects of each event in the duty cycle. fe-safe/Rubber provides a selection of nonlinear material models that enable accurate representation of the rubber component's behavior, and a database of ready-to-use properties for a number of popular elastomer types. http://endurica.com/fatigue-solver-software/fe-safe/

Endurica EIE™ Efficient Interpolation Engine for Fatigue Analysis – is the fast way to convert single or multichannel load-displacement history into stress-strain history for a nonlinear elastic finite element model. EIE integrates fully with Endurica CL and fe-safe/Rubber. Endurica EIE™ is sold and supported directly by Endurica LLC, the developer.


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fe-safe/Rubber product Demo 1 (CV Boot): https://youtu.be/100YNiCNO08

fe-safe/Rubber product Demo 2 (multiple blocks): https://youtu.be/x2KczuuvMAk

EIE Product Demo: https://youtu.be/3ZnswGnVz_w



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